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a carpenter bee that landed on a white petunia

Carpenter Bees in Elizabeth City, NC Can Be A Danger


Not everyone is a pest expert, but many know basic facts about insects and creatures prevalent around homes and businesses in Elizabeth City. For example, it’s commonly understood that bees make honey. Lots of people also recognize that they frequently hover over flowers and plants and contribute to the function of the ecosystem.... Read More

a carpenter ant crawling on wood

How To Tell If You Have a Carpenter Ant Infestation On Your Virginia Property


Managing pest populations is difficult for a number of reasons. One is that there are so many species. The many correlating subtypes are more unique than people imagine; variations aren’t just about color and size. You’d be surprised at how different the habitats, diets, and life-spans are. There can be separations across risk factors as well. Some classes are relatively innocent, while others are dangerous.... Read More

a field mouse running with a berry

How To Keep Your Yard Field Mice-Free In Virginia


Mice are one of the most common rodents you will deal with in your home. They are found worldwide, and Virginia is no different. These pests will make their way into your home through even the smallest of holes, causing problems for you and your family. ... Read More