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a bed bug infesttaion on a bed

How Do Bed Bug Infestations In Virginia Start?


They say that what we don’t know can’t hurt us, but that logic doesn’t really apply to bed bugs.  Once you learn the truth about how bed bugs enter your home though, you might just have a chance to protect your sleep from these night-crawling pests.... Read More

a family of mice infesting a home

Four Simple Tricks To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Elizabeth City Home


When you’re creating a comfortable, enjoying home, security is one of your main needs. But how can you make your home secure against something that seems like it was designed by nature to infiltrate your home? If you knew how easily rodents could find their way in, you might start paying a little more attention to prevention methods on your property.... Read More

house mouse in kitchen cupboard

What Every Elizabeth City Homeowner Ought To Know About House Mice


Of all the home-invading pests that you might face here in Elizabeth City, perhaps the most misleading is the common house mouse. That’s because house mice seem like harmless, maybe even cute, little animals. However, don’t let appearances fool you. House mice are dangerous pests to have around the home.... Read More