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up close image of two pavement ants crawling on fruit

How To Get Rid Of Pavement Ants In Elizabeth City, NC — Fast!


When you think of the most common pests, ants are probably one of the first species that comes to mind. With as many ant species as there are in the world, it can feel like they are everywhere. You see them when you go in the backyard, at the park, on the sidewalk, and sometimes even in your home.... Read More

an american cockroach crawling on food

How Dangerous Are Cockroaches In Virginia?


Pest remediation often drops to the bottom of a “to-do” list for many home and business owners in Virginia. They have so many tasks, they’ll de-prioritize the service. If insects and creatures aren’t seen, it will really be an afterthought. However, you should always pursue creepy crawlers. ... Read More