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an up close image of a brown recluse spider

Elizabeth City's Complete Brown Recluse Spider Control Guide


Many pests have an array of subspecies with unique traits. They are definitely not all the same, as most people believe. Separations aren’t just with size and color either. There could be some across behavioral patterns, habitat, and diet. Even the risk factors can be different. While some are relatively harmless, others are extremely lethal. ... Read More

mosquitoes flying in a backyard near a pool

The Best Protection From Dangerous Mosquitoes In Elizabeth City, NC


If you have to be outside for a wedding reception, sports game, or family barbecue, expect to be targeted by mosquitoes. These flying insects will not stop swarming around you until they bite you and get your blood. It’s key to their life cycle. You’ll likely be left with bumps on your skin that are red and very itchy.... Read More

ant eating cake in the kitchen

To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Elizabeth City Property - Fast!


Types Of Ants Commonly Found In Elizabeth City As previously mentioned, there are over 700 types of ants wandering around the United States. Here are some that are most commonly found in the Elizabeth City area: Argentine ants are nearly microscopic, measuring 1/16 - ¼ of an inch. Identifiable by their amber coloring, Argentine ants create colonies near food sources and emit a musky odor if crushed. To prevent ... Read More

a cockroach on the ground

The Secret To Getting Rid Of German Cockroaches In Virginia Homes


These insects regularly crawl through anything and everything, so you can be sure that means they pick up lots of nasty bacteria and pathogens along the way. Cockroaches are known for traveling three miles in a single day, and while that's an impressive feat in itself to consider, it's also pretty terrifying.... Read More