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carpenter ants destroying wood

Virginia's Complete Guide To Carpenter Ant Control


 It's difficult to deter and eliminate carpenter ants on your own, so contact the pest professionals at the first sign of a problem. Here at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control, we're ready to help you with a free inspection and an affordable pest control plan.... Read More

a mild mannered house mouse

How Mice Get Into Virginia Homes In The First Place


The title of “pest” is very fitting for the insects and creatures of the earth. Most are extremely irritating and cause distress. Some species can scratch, sting, bite, or infuse venom into your bloodstream. These concerns are heightened with critters that procreate quickly or are tough to eliminate. Mice match this description in its entirety.... Read More

carpenter ants crawling and chewing on wood

What To Do About Carpenter Ants Around Your Elizabeth City Property


To some people, insects and creatures are fascinating. It could be intriguing to discover how they survive and what makes them operate as they do. For every specimen, there’s a gang of subspecies. Each is unique, contrary to popular belief. They may have a different appearance, behavioral pattern, habitat, or diet. Some are more dangerous or destructive than others, too. This is the situation with ants.... Read More