Dealing With Fly Infestations Inside Elizabeth City Commercial Space


Flies are one of the most obnoxious pests to deal with in both residential and commercial buildings. While people think of flies as a problem for homeowners, they also live in and around businesses, including restaurants, factories, office buildings, and more.

While flies in Elizabeth City are frustrating, they are worse than just a nuisance. Many fly species transmit pathogens and can even lead to severe illnesses. So, flies can be bad for your reputation and even make employees or customers sick. It's wise to take the time now to learn about fly control services for your commercial space, and our team at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control is here to help.

What Causes Fly Infestations In Commercial Spaces?

Flies are widespread pests in Elizabeth City, and throughout the country, so they are generally hard to completely deter, especially when warm outside. A fly infestation can begin in several ways and even impact businesses that don't deal with food directly.

Flies often fly in from outside through open doors and windows or even small openings around the building. Employees can attract flies by leaving food sitting out. The risks of a fly problem are even more significant if your commercial space is food-based. Restaurants and factories often have flies as they are attracted to food items. 

How Dangerous Is It To Have Flies In My Business?

Even one fly can annoy your employees or customers, but the real risk of these flies is an illness. Depending on your industry, health, and safety code standards need to be met, and having flies around can put your business at risk. 

Flies can spread various illnesses, including shigellosis, typhoid fever, E.coli, and cholera. While not all flies make people sick, these insects pick up pathogens on their bodies and legs. They often land on disgusting items like trash, feces, and dead animals. Then, they carry these germs with them wherever they land next, including food.

Effective Fly Prevention Tips For Restaurants

Because files are repulsive and potentially dangerous, it's helpful to prevent problems ahead of time. These are some of the most effective ways to prevent flies from getting into your restaurant or any other business:

  • Keep doors, and windows closed and fix broken screens.
  • Cover chimney openings with wire mesh.
  • Seal up holes in the exterior walls and foundation.
  • Put lids on all trash cans.
  • Ensure that garbage cans are kept clean by washing them out regularly.
  • Follow strict protocols for cleaning up food and drink spills.
  • Contact Elizabeth City pest control experts for help.

Commercial pest control is the easiest way to prevent and eradicate flies from your business. Instead of dealing with these invasive creatures on your own, professional pest control services in Elizabeth City are effective and straightforward. 

Total Fly Control For Elizabeth City Entrepreneurs

Flies might seem nearly impossible to keep out in the summer, especially if you're dealing with food daily. Flies will make customers avoid your business, as even a small infestation can hurt your reputation. It's much safer and easier to invest in preventative protection now instead of trying to eradicate flies once they're swarming in large numbers.

Our Albemarle Termite & Pest Control experts have years of experience dealing with common flies such as house flies and fruit flies. Call us today to learn more about fly control services for your commercial building.