Help! There Are Wasps And Hornets In My Elizabeth City Yard

wasp on a branch

Nobody wants to see wasps or hornets flying around their home. These stinging insects have been known to be aggressive and can cause an allergic reaction in some people. At Albemarle Termite & Pest Control, we have over 100 years of experience dealing with these and other pests. Our Elizabeth City pest management professionals know how to safely remove these pesky creatures from your property for good. Call us today if you are looking for top-quality pest control in Elizabeth City.

Common Types Of Wasps And Hornets That Invade Elizabeth City Yards

You can find a wide variety of wasps and hornets in Elizabeth City. Some of the most common types of stinging insects that you can find in this area include:

  • Yellow jackets: These flying insects get their name from their black and yellow-colored bodies. They usually build their nest in trees or bushes, but they are also known to live underground. Yellow jackets are extremely territorial and can become aggressive if you get too close to their nest.
  • Cicada killer: This type of wasp usually has a black and yellow-striped body with red wings, head, and legs. As their name suggests, they hunt and eat cicadas. They will build their nest underground and prefer places with well-drained soil that gets plenty of sunlight. Only the female cicada killer wasp is capable of stinging, and they are not considered aggressive towards people and large animals. They usually only sting the small insects that they prey on.
  • Paper wasps: Paper wasps are also referred to as umbrella wasps. Both names are associated with the unique way that they build their nest. The nests are usually found on an elevated surface and are made from a paper-like substance. When a nest becomes mature and has several wasps living inside, it can resemble the top of an umbrella.
  • European hornets: Also referred to as the brown hornet or the giant hornet. This species of hornet is about ¾ of an inch to 1 ½ inches long. The European hornet has a dark brown body with a yellow stripe, long wings, and a pale tan face. They look intimidating, but they are not usually aggressive. However, if these hornets do feel threatened, they have the ability to sting repeatedly.

While some of the wasps and hornets in this area are not known to be aggressive, they may still attack if they feel threatened. You should take extreme caution if you get too close to any wasp or hornet in your yard.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Wasps In My Yard?

Some wasps can be extremely aggressive and territorial. If you get too close to their nests, you could have several wasps trying to attack you at one time. Getting too close to a wasp's nest is a common problem for many homeowners because the nests are often small and hard to spot from a distance. 

Most people who are stung by a wasp experience pain and minor swelling at the site of the sting. However, some people are allergic to wasps and hornets and could experience severe allergic reactions when stung. For many people, the allergic reaction becomes more severe each time they are exposed to the venom of a wasp or hornet. Repeated stings can be dangerous, even for those who do not have allergies to this venom. 

Why You Shouldn't Try To Get Rid Of Wasps On Your Own

Many homeowners think they can take care of a wasp problem on their own. However, many of the wasps that live in this area are social, which means that they live in large colonies. If you try to destroy the colony, you could have several wasps trying to sting you at one time. 

The best way to handle a wasp or hornet infestation is to have a professional take care of it. A pest management professional will have special tools and techniques that will allow them to safely remove the wasps from your property

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Wasps In Your Yard

If you want to safely remove wasps and hornets from your Elizabeth City property, give us a call today. At Albemarle Termite & Pest Control, your safety is our first priority. We have a team of qualified and experienced pest management professionals that know how to safely and effectively eliminate all dangerous insects from your property. Give us a call today for a free estimate!