The Secret To A Roach-Free Business In Elizabeth City


Pest control in Elizabeth City is not for amateurs! We share our lovely city with a number of wildlife and pests that can really be intrusive. That’s largely due to our proximity to the water, which provides conditions that are ideal not only for ourselves but a whole host of animals.

Today, we’re looking at one of the most problematic pests one can face in the home, and one of the most common in cities that reside near the water – cockroaches.

These pests are more than a little unwelcome in the home, but they’re even more of a detriment to humans when they infest a commercial space such as a restaurant. Our guide will bring any business owners up to speed on the importance of staying ten steps ahead of cockroaches. Their business can, and very well may depend on it.

What To Do About Roaches Inside A Restaurant

It’s true that many restaurateurs want to try a hands-on approach for everything. While that’s certainly admirable, it won’t be effective when it comes to cockroaches. These pests are renowned the world over for their ability to cause disruptions in the home and in businesses.

For that reason, we suggest eliminating all the fluff of extra steps: when you see a roach in your place of business, don’t panic, but get on the phone with Elizabeth City cockroach control professionals immediately.

There, you’ll be able to form a plan, learn about your next steps, and execute on them. You’ll be well on your way to a roach-free business!

The Problems Roaches Can Cause In Your Restaurant

Without a doubt, roaches are some of the most concerning and headache-inducing pests one can have. If you want to know their capacity for damaging a home or business, look no further than the characteristics of cockroaches themselves:

Roaches can contaminate food and water supplies with their voracious appetite and tendency to carry diseases that don’t affect them but can be ruinous to us. People know roaches and restaurants should not go together under any circumstances, and so customers who notice the presence of roaches will be sure to avoid that business in the future. You wouldn’t want food that was touched by roaches, that’s for sure!

A business in the food industry can, and will be shut down by a food inspector if there are pests present. Fines may also be assessed against property owners.

As you can see, roaches aren’t just unsanitary and a headache to have around. They can cost entire livelihoods, too.

Six Tips To Keeping Your Restaurant Pest-Free

There are, of course, a number of cockroach control products on the market, but these are generally non-starters. For one, cockroaches survive much tougher than what the average person has access to and can throw at them.

On another note, misapplication of these products in a commercial setting may very well violate laws or safety requirements, depending on the business. A restauranter, for example, shouldn’t spray any chemicals in their place of business for fear of contaminating the food supply – which is what the roaches do in the first place! That’s why it’s so important to know how to prevent cockroaches from rearing their ugly heads.

Here are some safe tips to keep your restaurant roach-free:

  1. Secure all food properly and immediately.
  2. Make sure all waste is properly disposed of.
  3. Place boric acid in the entranceways and small cracks around the house.
  4. Store waste away from the building if possible.
  5. Eliminate any sources of standing water.
  6. Clean up food spills immediately, even outdoors.

Now that you know how to keep cockroaches away, make sure you’re following the list! Of course, it’s worth mentioning that even the most fastidious business owners can still succumb to a roach infestation.

Sometimes, particularly in high-traffic areas where people may inadvertently carry a roach into a business with them, an infestation may take hold no matter how diligent the owners are. That makes professional pest control even more important.

Commercial Pest Control In Elizabeth City, You Can Trust

Albemarle Termite & Pest Control is your go-to solution for ridding your business of roaches. Many business owners and homeowners try to handle infestations of pests on their own. That’s difficult enough no matter what sort of pest is on hand, but roaches are in an entirely different class of their own.

These pests are certainly one of the most unwelcome sights anywhere in the entire food industry, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone as soon as you feel the need. We’re standing by and ready to help you reclaim your business today.