How Much Do You Really Know About Carpenter Bees In Elizabeth City?

Carpenter Bees

If you own a home in Elizabeth City, it is likely that you're aware of the threat carpenter bees can present to your property and to your equity. But how much do you really know about these wood-destroying pests? Have you been told that carpenter bees are no big deal because they only create a tunnel that is about a foot long? If so, you only know part of the story. While it is true that carpenter bees only create a foot-long tunnel, they do this year after year, reusing old tunnels. If you let an infestation go on untreated, it can cost you quite a bit. Let's take a look at a few more facts about carpenter bees.

Do You Know That Carpenter Bees Prefer Wood That Is Unpainted?

This is true. When carpenter bees come into your yard, they're going to attack wooden structures that are not painted. But some homeowners think that stain achieves the same results. It does not. Why? Because paint does something that stain does not; it makes the wood invisible to carpenter bees. When a carpenter bee clings to a painted piece of wood, it can't detect the wood beyond the oils or polyurethane base of the paint. They have no such problem when clinging to stained wood. You should also keep in mind that painted wood is completely protected. A carpenter bee can tunnel in through an unpainted side or through the end of a timber.

Do You Know That Male Carpenter Bees Can't Sting You?

While it is true that you don't have anything to fear from a male carpenter bee because it doesn't have a stinger, female carpenter bees can sting you. If you go into a location that has several nests, you could get stung. What happens most often is a sting happens due to accidental contact, such as sitting on a female carpenter bee that is crawling on a piece of deck furniture. Like all bees, a carpenter bee has a venom that is potentially deadly to anyone who has an allergy. It is best to not have these bees around.

Do You Know That Carpenter Bees Get Into Your Home Through Gaps?

If you don't, you should. Carpenter bees get into voids. When they find a gap in your home, it can give them access to unpainted wood on the interior of your home. Over time, this can become a serious problem. If you see carpenter bees coming and going from an opening on your home, contact a licensed professional before you seal that hole up. You don't want to trap the bees inside and force them to create other pathways out of your home.

Do You Know That Carpenter Bees Look Like Bumblebees?

Carpenter bees look like bumblebees. You may know this. But do you know how to tell a carpenter bee from a bumblebee from ten feet away? It is possible. Bumblebees and carpenter bees are both big, furry, yellow and black bees (depending on the species), but carpenter bees have an abdomen that is black and visibly hairless. This shiny black abdomen makes up half its body length and can be seen from a distance. A bumblebee has hairs on its abdomen.

Do You Have An Infestation?

When you start to see carpenter bees hanging out around your deck, fence, shed, or some other wooden structure on your property, remember that Albemarle Termite & Pest Control is available to help you with all your pest control problems in Elizabeth City, even carpenter bees. Protect your property and your equity. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance.