The Truth About Chesapeake Cockroaches


Cockroaches are one kind of pest that no one wants to deal with. These creatures are infamous because they can be rather pervasive once they get into a home or business. They are also gross to look at and very difficult to get rid of. Cockroaches aren’t just a nuisance pest, however. They often hang out in kitchens which means they can contaminate food sources, and they carry many germs and even diseases.

There are many different species of cockroaches that can be found in North Carolina, but the two most common are German cockroaches and American cockroaches. Knowing how to identify them can help you figure out if you have an infestation.

German cockroaches have two black stripes that run horizontally down their heads. They are usually a tan or light brown color. American cockroaches are larger than any other species and are mostly reddish-brown in color. This species also has a yellow figure-eight pattern behind its head.

Dangers Associated With Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches might be gross to find in your home, but they can be a lot more of a problem than just something nasty to look at. Cockroaches can carry bacteria and diseases and spread these to food sources in your home or business. Overall, these are the risks associated with cockroaches:

  • Spread germs to food
  • Stain floors, clothing, etc.
  • Can spread some diseases
  • Cause allergic reactions or asthma attacks

How To Prevent Cockroaches

Because a cockroach infestation can grow rapidly and spread quickly if you’re in an apartment or townhome, prevention is one of the best ways to keep them from becoming a problem. Cockroaches are attracted to trash as well as sewage and compost. In homes and buildings, they are usually found in drains, pipes, and other dark places. While you can’t prevent them completely, there are a few tips you can follow to reduce the risk of them coming inside.

  • Clean up food messes in the kitchen and around the house.
  • Don’t leave pet food out.
  • Check window screens for holes.
  • Seal up cracks in your home and fix leaky pipes.
  • Use weather stripping. 
  • Keep your house clean.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Prevention can help, but there is always a chance you could have a cockroach infestation. If you notice cockroaches, you might think it’s easy to get rid of them on your own. However, many do-it-yourself methods aren’t safe to use. They are rarely effective and leave you dealing with infestations over and over.
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