What Is A Termite Swarmer & Should I Be Worried About My Chesapeake Home?


If you see a large group of flying bugs in Chesapeake, you could be looking at termite swarmers. What you’re witnessing isn’t something from a horror movie, but it could become your own living nightmare. A termite swarm may be a sign of trouble to come.

What Is A Termite Swarm?

A termite swarm is a group of winged termites flying together in search of places to build new colonies. As they fly, they look for the perfect mate and a place to live. Once they find a suitable place to call home, the pairs of swarmers will land and start settling in.

Typically, these termites are attracted to lights in the evening. But you could see them at any time of the day, anywhere. Some species prefer to swarm during the day, while others prefer to do so at night. Usually, termite swarmers are active in the warm weather. You’re most likely to see them in early spring as the weather warms up.

Because termites aren’t great fliers, they don’t stray far from their original nest. They rely heavily on the wind to carry them around. If swarmers are on your property, there’s a chance they will build a new colony near your home. There’s also a chance that there is already an existing colony near your home.

Should You Worry About Termites?

Some pests are unwelcome in homes because of their appearance. Termites are unwelcome because of the significant damage they cause. Every year, termites cost US home and business owners around $5 billion. Much of the cost is in repairs for homeowners.

The extent of this damage is due in part to the eating and burrowing habits of the termite. They primarily feed on wood and burrow through obstacles. Whether or not your home is made of wood, it could be vulnerable to termites. Although they prefer wood, termites also can chew through plastic and other materials. Once inside your home, the termites will continue to do damage. They destroy wood at an alarming rate, so a small colony can become a major problem.

If you see mazes in your wall, buckling wood, or swollen floors, you could have structural damage caused by termites. You should immediately contact a professional pest control company in Chesapeake.

Hidden Damage

You aren’t always aware of a termite infestation until it’s too late. Termites may be doing damage to your home’s structure, but they don’t often leave evidence of that damage. If you see swarmers or have concerns about an infestation, you should get a termite inspection. A specialist will know where to look for these pests and how to find invisible elements of termite damage.

Can You Keep Your Home Safe?

There are a few things you can do to protect your home from termites. For one, you can reduce the contact between soil and the wood in your home’s structure. You should also limit moisture by fixing leaky faucets and keeping storm drains away from the foundation of your home.

If you have a crawl space under your home, it needs proper ventilation and a vapor barrier. Otherwise, termites will be attracted to the area.

There’s no guarantee that your preventative measures will work. However, there is another way in which you can keep your home safe. When you work with a professional and experienced pest control company, you can protect your home and eliminate these pests.

You should be proactive and keep termites away before they cost you thousands of dollars in damage. Contact the professionals at the first signs of termites or for the best termite protection: Albemarle Termite & Pest.