How Ants Get Inside Elizabeth Homes & How To Keep Them Out


In order to make a proper plan of attack with pests, you have to know how they’re getting indoors. Figuring that out is easier said than done though. Many insects and creatures are entirely too small or fast to catch. To boot, they may reside in areas that are challenging to get to. These aspects can also make it hard to eliminate them. You won’t be able to clean a place or use a commercial pesticide. This is of why professional interventions are a better option.

Ants are certainly tiny and live in spots Elizabeth City homeowners can’t readily reach. On top of that, the bugs can procreate in volume. While each subspecies has its own set of threats, all of them can bring about human illness. Ants harbor awful germs that can taint surfaces and food. Find out how these insects violate dwellings and how Albemarle Termite & Pest Control can help with home pest control services.

How Do You Get Ants in Elizabeth City?

Carpenter, pavement, and odorous house ants are dominant in the region. Carpenter ants are pretty sizable in comparison to their relatives, being 0.25 to 0.50 of an inch long. A great number are black, but this subspecies comes in many colors. Some are orange, yellow, tan, brown, red, or reddish-black. These bugs are almost as destructive as termites, as they wreck wood making tunnels and nests in it. Trees and logs are the center of their attention when they’re outdoors. You likely have an infestation if you notice that walls are sounding hollow and you see heaps of wood shavings around the property.

Pavement ants are much smaller than carpenter ones, at just 0.09 to 0.12 of an inch long. Light-colored appendages stick out from their black or brown bodies. These insects get their name from their nesting activities in sidewalks and driveways. They swarm around patios and porches as well. As natural diggers, they pummel soil and subsequently ruin yards. You’ll probably see the ants in the kitchen searching for food. Be cautious; they can sting.

Odorous house ants are 0.12 of an inch long too. The black or brown bugs are all about interiors and are pretty smelly, as their title gives away. Homes supply the food, moisture, and warmth that sustains them comfortably. Their favorite places to be are in paneling, floor voids, and structural gaps, pipes, heaters, and carpeting. Anticipate having an offending nose when you smash them because they’ll emit a rotten coconut scent. Odorous house ants bite and cause moderate pain. Seeing a single one is a sign of infestation.

How Can Elizabeth City Ants Be Prevented?

Ants can be a nightmare if they ever get inside your home, so you’ll have to be diligent with prevention protocols. Potential entryways and cozy environments have to be blocked with building maintenance. Existing food sources have to be removed with a detailed cleaning. Here are the specific steps:

  • Close openings in screens and windows, doors, foundations, and utility lines. 
  • Put sweeps on all doors that face the outside. 
  • Trim greenery regularly, and place it two feet away from your property.
  • Don’t delay in getting up food spills and crumbs. 
  • Use containers with secure lids for food and trash; including pet food. 
  • Make sure the kitchen and the pantry remain neat. Take out the garbage and vacuum frequently.
  • Fix all leaks and moisture dysfunctions.

What Can Albemarle Termite & Pest Control Do About Elizabeth City Ants?

The skilled Service Professionals at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control have the expertise to quickly and accurately identify ant species and their nests. This is critical for successful extermination. Our affordable treatments for your Elizabeth City property include both interior and exterior care, to get to the heart of the matter. Call us today at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control for a no-obligation inspection!