The Best Protection From Dangerous Mosquitoes In Elizabeth City, NC

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If you have to be outside for a wedding reception, sports game, or family barbecue, expect to be targeted by mosquitoes. These flying insects will not stop swarming around you until they bite you and get your blood. It’s key to their life cycle. You’ll likely be left with bumps on your skin that are red and very itchy.

Medical experts assert that mosquitoes are the biggest threat to human health on the planet. You can become critically ill after an encounter with them, as they can transmit numerous diseases. The insects live in natural surroundings, so it’s difficult to manage them. Find out how you can defend your Elizabeth City property with a hand from Albemarle Termite & Pest Control.

Where Do Mosquitoes Come From? What Are the Dangers?

Mosquito translates to “little fly.” It’s rather appropriate, as the insects are 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long. Their bodies and wings are scaly, and they have fine legs and pronounced noses. The females are always ready to absorb blood because it assists them in egg production. Water is also crucial in the breeding process, but both females and males drink it. In particular, larvae take in their organisms. With this in mind, standing pools are major hubs for these pests. Mosquitoes also eat nectar. Expect to have issues with the bugs if your home or business has lush greenery or a body of water around it. Properties adjacent to rivers and wooded areas typically have trouble. Globally, 3,500 species exist.

When there are open doors and windows or gaps in structures, mosquitoes will welcome themselves to your dwelling. They will be in closets, basements, laundry rooms, and other dark spaces that might have a little moisture. Repeated sightings and bites on your skin are the primary signs of mosquito infestation.

Some essential facts about the diseases mosquitoes spread are:

  • Chikungunya is incurable and causes intense joint pain and fever.
  • Chills and sweating are symptoms of malaria.
  • Dengue leads to nausea, rashes, and fever.
  • Severe heart, liver, and kidney problems come with yellow fever.
  • Defects occur in 5% of infants exposed to the Zika virus.
  • Fatal neurological responses are associated with the West Nile virus, but 80% of patients are asymptomatic.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Mosquitoes?

To keep your land from being a haven for mosquitoes, you have to be more detailed with your exterior care. As strange as it may seem, you’ll have to be more selective with your clothing and dining too. If you’re not, you may draw the insects to you. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Use essential oil candles, like those containing the repellent properties of lavender and cedarwood.
  • Set mosquito traps; be sure to wash them out often.
  • Dry pet drinking bowls and drain swimming areas to cut down on standing water.
  • Trim grass and greenery on a routine basis. Try not to overwater the lawn and drain it properly.
  • Get organic debris off of the yard.
  • Clean your gutters out frequently.
  • Wear bright colors instead of darker ones; mosquitoes can spot shades such as blue and black.
  • Remember that the scent and content of alcoholic beverages can filter through your pores.
  • Be cautious when you’re around bodies of water. Don’t stay outside at dusk; that’s when mosquitoes are active.

How Will Albemarle Termite & Pest Control Handle Mosquitoes?

If mosquitoes are plaguing your land, you don’t want to depend on retail insecticides. These pricey products are ineffective with infestations and could be too toxic for your vegetation. Trust us at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control instead. Our expert Service Professionals will employ safe, high-quality treatments to address breeding grounds and adult mosquitoes. A no-obligation home pest control inspection awaits when you call today!