How Important Is Proper Termite Control In Elizabeth City, NC


Successfully keeping a home or business in Elizabeth City isn’t always easy. Wood-eating pests, such as termites, are just one of many potential threats. Usually, it’s only when damage is visibly apparent that people realize the bugs are around. They typically will be concealed in the soil or inside of foundations.

Termites are far less detrimental to the planet itself, as their behaviors help release vital nutrients into the ground. Subsequently, trees and plants will be able to develop smoothly. These insects are heralded to the point of being a delicacy in some countries. In the United States, they have an expensive five billion dollar reputation. That’s how much is spent on related deterrence and recovery each year. Insurance companies aren’t supportive, so find out more about Albemarle Termite & Pest Control’s pest control solutions in Elizabeth City.

How Do Termites Function? What Are Infestation Signs?

Three classes define termite colonies; there are workers, soldiers, and swarmers. Appearances vary by subspecies, but workers in this region are white or grayish-white and 0.12 of an inch long. As made evident by their name, soldiers guard the bunch. The yellow-brown bugs have rectangular heads and bulky mandibles. Swarmers are black, yellow, or brown and are ½ of an inch long. With their wings, these critters will flee from overloaded nests to reproduce for new colonies. Since they are attracted to light, you’ll most likely see them by windows or light fixtures. If you do, consider it a clear sign of infestation. Other irrefutable indications are: 

  • Drywall that is off-color and drooping  
  • Walls having maze patterns, mud tubes, and needle-point holes in them
  • Loose tiles and weakening floorboards
  • Noticing that paint is bloating, peeling, and appearing water damaged
  • Finding mounds of fecal frass that resemble salt and pepper
  • Structures that sound hollow when you knock on them
  • Coming across the shed wings of swarmers; they will be scaly

How Can Termites Be Prevented? Will “Do It Yourself” Tricks For Termites Work?

Vinegar, orange oil, and boric acid are some things folks use to try and kill termites in North Carolina. There’s also a tendency to sit wood beneath the sun. Retail baits, liquids, and other items are other products utilized. While these approaches may lead to some improvement, the emphasis is on “some.” Any changes, if there are any, will be temporary. Infestation issues will continue as individual bugs die. A few species are essentially immune to lower-level treatments. Pest professionals are the only ones who can accurately identify termite groups and choose a suitable avenue.

It’s important to remember that shelf goods and concoctions can be hazardous. The average person can’t figure how potent something will be. On top of that, label instructions can easily confuse you. Accidental misapplication might result in significant chemical exposure. Further, your termite problems could worsen. Commercial products provide surface answers against a termite takeover. Thousands of members can be in a single colony, who will be deep in foundations. Here’s what you should do independently:

  • Remove or refurbish spoiled or wrecked wood.
  • Fix moisture dysfunctions right away. Begin with those altering wood.
  • Don’t put loose wood, like carpentry panels, on the soil.  
  • Seal up holes in foundations and utility lines.
  • Place wood and greenery two feet from the property.
  • Have Albemarle Termite & Pest Control do annual inspections. 

What Can Albemarle Termite & Pest Control Do About Termites?

We have termites in our name for a reason; it’s because we have dedicated termite control services to conquering these awful insects. Our expert Service Professionals will employ liquid trenching treatments, perimeter barriers, and Advance Trelona Baiting systems. Warranties, pre-construction visits, and Wood-Destroying Insect (WDI) reports are available as well. Call today for a no-obligation inspection!