What Elizabeth City Property Owners Should Know About Argentine Ants


Despite being from Argentina, Argentine ants have made their way to the United States. They're a common household pest in Elizabeth City, but these invasive pests certainly don't belong on your property. Learn how Argentine ants can affect you and what you should do to keep them away.

Their Appearance

Although you might think that all ants in Elizabeth City look the same, there are ways in which you can tell them apart. Argentine ants are light brown to dark brown. They often displace native ant species and take over the resources. Unfortunately, they happen to be one of the most annoying ants in the area. 
If you see an ant in your building, you probably won't be able to tell what type of ant it is. To properly identify the ants on your property, you should call in an expert. They can tell you about the local ant species and get the issue under control.

Their Habits

When outside, Argentine ants like to hide under debris piles and mulch. They enjoy moisture and often find suitable moisture underneath the foundation of homes. When the cooler weather arrives, the ants tend to head indoors. In the fall, these common pests use cracks and gaps to get indoors. 
Once inside your property, Argentine ants will create large colonies. They breed at an extremely rapid rate, which allows them to take over properties as soon as they get inside. Unlike some other types of ants, Argentine ants have multiple queens. Getting rid of one queen won't eliminate the infestation.
Argentine ants enjoy sweet and oily foods. Therefore, the crumbs in your garbage, sink, or counters could be food for Argentine ants. It's almost impossible to eliminate all ant food sources.

Are They Dangerous?

While some ants are just a nuisance, Argentine ants are downright dangerous. Because these ants are prone to hang out in places with waste and decay, they pick up bacteria. Then, they leave behind bacteria on your surfaces. If Argentine ants get into your food, they'll contaminate it and leave you vulnerable to illness. 
If you own a business, Argentine ants are particularly hazardous. They could make your customers sick and leave you on the receiving end of a lawsuit. Furthermore, food contamination could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

Ant Prevention Tips

If you don't want these pesky ants to take over your property, there are a few precautions you can take to protect it:

  • Reduce Moisture: To make your property less appealing to Argentine ants, take steps to reduce moisture. This means fixing leaks, addressing drainage issues, and reducing humidity inside your home. When there isn't much moisture, Argentine ants will go elsewhere.
  • Clean Up Debris: Yard debris is a haven for these ants. If you want a worry-free property, you should remove piles of yard debris as soon as possible. There will be less moisture hiding places available to ants.
  • Clean Your Floors And Surfaces: Argentine ants seek out food from the floors and surfaces of your buildings. If there are crumbs left out for enough time, they will attract these ants into your home. It will only be a matter of time before you have an infestation on your hands.
  • Do Deep Cleans: It takes thorough cleans for you to protect your home or business from ants. If you don't clean behind the hard-to-reach areas, you'll have crumbs left behind.
  • Work With A Professional: For effective ant control, you need to contact the experts for assistance. Here at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control, we're ready to assist you. Call us now to learn more.