Five Tips To Keep Ants Away From Your Elizabeth City Home


Ants are pests that are easy to underestimate until you’re dealing with them inside your home. These pests are somewhat invasive, and even the nuisance varieties can feel endless when crawling around your property. Plus, some ants in Elizabeth City cause more extensive problems and are not just a hassle. Some of these species pose health risks, while others can damage your property. To help you deal with ants in the area, we’ve put together a guide to help you prevent and remove them with pest control in Elizabeth City.

The Types Of Ants That Invade Elizabeth City Homes

The first kind of ants in Elizabeth City to be aware of are the nuisance ones. These include little black ants and odorous house ants. Little black ants are usually jet black and only about 1/16th of an inch long. They are commonly found outside in the summer and can be invasive. Odorous house ants are best identified by the smell of rotten coconuts they emit when crushed. They are tan to brown in color.

Next, it’s essential to be aware of the more problematic ant species in the area. These are the fire ants and carpenter ants. Fire ants pose health risks as they can sting and inject venom, and some people are quite allergic. These ants are a reddish-orange color. Then, there are carpenter ants, which can tunnel into wooden items and destroy property. 

The Problems Ants Can Cause In Your Elizabeth City Home

The main issue that all ants can cause is food infestation. All species in the area will seek out various food items to eat, such as fruits, vegetables, proteins, sweets, and pet food. While most of these species don’t spread specific illnesses, it’s still important to discard any food they get into. Species like fire ants also pose a health risk.

All ant species can also be rather invasive, with large colonies that are difficult to remove. Ant control services are often necessary to completely eradicate infestations. 

Easy And Effective Ant Prevention Tips For Elizabeth City Homes

Along with home pest control services from Albemarle Termite & Pest Control, you can also take steps to prevent ants by removing potential factors that could attract them. Here are five of the best ways to prevent ants around your property:

  1. If you have pets, keep their food stored inside in sealed containers.
  2. Do the dishes often and keep the floors swept and mopped. Generally, it’s important to keep kitchen spaces clean and wipe up food and drink spills right away.
  3. Moisture issues can attract ants, so fix leaky plumbing and remove standing water from the yard.
  4. Seal up the structure of your home by installing door sweeps and weather stripping.
  5. Patch up holes in the walls and foundation using caulk and foam.

Ant Control For Elizabeth City Homes 

The easiest way to get complete ant control is by contacting Albemarle Termite & Pest Control. We can handle nuisance and problem ants, and we make it simple by providing continual ant prevention treatments. We can also remove any existing ant problems with our home pest control plans. To get started, contact us today.