Having A Hard Time Keeping Excess Moisture Out Of Your Elizabeth City Home?


Have you ever walked outside and then immediately turned around because of the humidity in the air? Dense moisture on a cold or hot day makes things so much more uncomfortable. Many homeowners do not consider how humidity and moisture problems can affect their living situation indoors.

We will discuss common moisture problems today and what methods work best to keep your Elizabeth City home dry year-round. Call Albemarle Termite & Pest Control if you want to learn more about professional options directly. Our Elizabeth City pest control company offers top-tier moisture control services and will take care of the moisture problems you are facing.

Where Does Excess Moisture Come From?

Before we talk more about moisture control, let's talk about where moisture comes from in the first place. One of the most common problem sources is rainwater combined with leaks, holes, and other structural damage that lets this water inside. If the builders didn't seal your roof properly or your home's exterior has damage to the point where it allows rain to seep into your wall voids, ceilings, and onto your floors, problems will occur.

Another common source of moisture comes from things like cooking, cleaning, and laundry. If you do not utilize vents, fans, and other moisture-control products indoors, these basic household tasks can lead to serious problems. The final moisture problem we want to mention comes from outside your home. Humidity doesn't stay outdoors if your home doesn't have a proper seal. On extra humid days, you will notice a thickness in the air. If this thickness permeates indoors, it means your home is not properly protected.

Don't Leave Moisture In The Vulnerable Areas Of Your Home

Having excess moisture inside your home can cause tons of problems. To start, direct water build-up can lead to rot and severe water damage to structural wood. This attracts pests like termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-destroying pests.

Lesser forms of moisture problems like high humidity can also lead to serious issues. One common problem associated with moisture is the formation of mold. Some species of mold, like black mold, pose a serious threat to health. We could go into much more detail about the problems moisture causes, but we do not want to take up too much of your time today as there is a lot to go over.

How To Help Keep Your Home Moisture-Free In Between Treatments

There are many options available for exterior moisture control. Even if you have your home professionally serviced to avoid problems, we still recommend taking your own steps to keep your home dry. Here are just a few tips to get you started.

  • Make sure you properly seal your home's exterior.
  • Use a dehumidifier indoors.
  • Clean up moisture spills.
  • Keep up with common chores like dishes and wipe down sinks after you are done using them.
  • Utilize oven, bathroom, and laundry room vents.

For more help with moisture control, get our team involved.

How To Keep Your Home Moisture-Free All Year Long!

Whether you are looking for crawlspace moisture control, basement moisture control, or total home moisture control in Elizabeth City, you are in the right place. Our staff at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control understand how to seal local homes and combat moisture problems properly.

We would be happy to pay you a visit and show you what types of moisture control devices we use to address issues indoors. Call us now to find out more about our services and schedule your Elizabeth City home for a visit.