What To Do About A Bottle Fly Infestation In Your Elizabeth City Home


Unfortunately, there are large populations of flies in Elizabeth City. You might want to relax in your yard while listening to music or reading a book, but these critters will make it difficult. They will actively swarm around you, often seeking your bodily fluids. For example, sweat and blood. If it isn’t that, they’ll be after any food you have. Having professional pest control in Elizabeth City to manage them is a must, as flies come with many risks.

Most people don’t realize how much of a threat various types of flies are. Several can spread illnesses or communicate them directly. Further, humans have varied physical reactions to their bites. The possible dangers are very real. Learn more about the bottle fly species in particular, and how you can get rid of flies.

What Is The Difference Between A Bottle Fly And A Blow Fly?

The terms “bottle fly” and “blow fly” are interchangeable. In adulthood, these pests have metallic green, blue, or black bodies. Tiny hairs are on the antennas of males. Larvae have soft, pale bodies that are 1/3 to 4/5 of an inch long. They look a lot like worms or rice grains, until they darken and resemble rodent pellets and cockroach eggs. Tubercles on their segments have a furry appearance. Young bottle flies are called maggots.

Flies in Elizabeth City favor outdoor settings, but they won’t pass up food in human dwellings. If they don’t find an open window or door to come through, they’ll locate a structural opening. Blow flies in your house will begin laying eggs on whatever they find to consume. Decaying plants and meat with a distinctive odor attract them.

Cleanliness Is Step One To Getting Rid Of Bottle Flies

Making sure your domicile stays neat is a pivotal step in deterring bottle flies. After all, these bugs are attracted to food particles, among other elements. However, that is just the beginning. Add the following actions:  

  • Patch up holes in doors, windows, screens, and foundations.
  • Cut the grass and trim greenery regularly.
  • Place greenery at least two feet away from the property. Discard organic debris.
  • Examine vegetables and fruit prior to purchase or use, and keep them in the refrigerator.
  • Use airtight containers for food storage.
  • Wash the dishes, scrub countertops and interior cabinets, and take out the trash on a routine basis.
  • Clean disposals, drains, and other areas with recurring food buildup.

These practices will be effective for various different types of flies, including bottle flies.

Make It Harder For Them To Enter Your Home

It can’t be stressed enough how crucial deterrence methods are when fighting bottle flies. Otherwise, the consequences could be great. The insects flies flutter around animals and feast on carcasses, where they can be exposed to pathogens, bacteria, and disease organisms. Infestations can be a hint that a deceased creature is in the vicinity. Carrion could be in a foundation void or storage space.

Two significant concerns with bottle flies are:

  • Contamination: Surfaces, water, and/or food can become tainted by fungi and microbes.
  • Medical illnesses: Flies can give sicknesses to people and pets alike, particularly if there’s been past contact with lesions, wounds, or livestock. Some conditions you could contract are tuberculosis, dysentery, cholera, viruses, and eye infections.

To prevent bottle flies from entering your home, keep your windows and doors closed and ensure that screens are properly installed and intact.

Can I Get Rid Of Bottle Flies In Elizabeth City For Good?

Albemarle Termite & Pest Control can help you get rid of flies long-term. We have interior and exterior solutions that are safe and industrial-grade. Our home pest control treatments consist of sweeps, baits, traps, and more. Call today to schedule an inspection!