How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Elizabeth City Home

spider in web in basement

Spiders in Elizabeth City can become creepy houseguests if we let them. They zip down walls, run across floors, repel from vents in ceilings, and make webs in a variety of places. If you would prefer those spiders to do these things on the outside of your home, we have some great tips that will help you get rid of them.

Today, we're going to take a quick look at common house spiders that get into Elizabeth City homes, what it means when you see lots of spiders, share some spider prevention tips, and look at how professional pest control in Elizabeth City can give you the best protection possible.

Species Of Spiders You Can Find In Elizabeth City

We have several common house spiders in our area. These spiders are frequently found indoors. They are American house spiders, cellar spiderswolf spiders, yellow sac spiders, and hobo spiders. While certainly unwanted guests, most are harmless spiders.

Cellar spiders don't bite. American house spiders will only leave a tiny red bump on your skin. Wolf spider bites can feel like a pinprick, but wolf spiders rarely bite. Hobo spiders have a strong venom but are reclusive spiders that prefer to be outdoors. Yellow sac spiders will cause minor wounds that have an ulcer at the center.

If you don't have an allergy to spider venom, you need not fear spiders. The only two medically important spiders in Elizabeth City are black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders. Neither are common.

What It Means If You're Seeing A Lot Of Spiders In Your Home

All spiders, whether they're harmless spiders or venomous spiders, are telling you something when they frequently appear in your home. Spiders hang out where their food hangs out. If you have lots of American house spiders in your house, it is likely that you have tiny flies or tiny crawling insects in your home. If you see wolf spiders a lot, it could mean you have a moisture problem and moisture pests in your home. When you work to get rid of spiders, you're likely to tackle other important issues that are essential to address.

Six Easy & Effective Spider Prevention Tips For Your Home

Spiders in Elizabeth City can be managed with several natural preventative methods. If you roll your sleeves up and do these things, you can significantly reduce indoor spider sightings and possibly lower populations below your threshold of comfort.

  • Remove webs. Webs can have hundreds of eggs hidden in tiny egg sacs.
  • Clean your gutters. This will reduce perimeter moisture. All spiders are attracted to moist habitats.
  • Make sure all garbage is in sealed containers. This reduces spiders and the pests spiders eat.
  • Replace exterior white lights with yellow lights. This will reduce insects and reduce the amount of food spiders can find around your home.
  • Address spiders in your house by addressing their food sources. Quickly address fly infestations and other simple pest problems.
  • Seal entry points in your exterior. Spiders get in through gaps and cracks.

How Professional Pest Control Keeps The Spiders Out Too

When you have a company, like Albemarle Termite & Pest Control, provide your property with ongoing pest control service, not only will it help to get rid of spiders in your home, it will give you essential pest management for a long list of other pests. At Albemarle Termite & Pest Control, we work hard to find the most effective and environmentally friendly products and methods and combine them into service places that are also cost-effective. If you'd like to learn more or schedule service, we'd love the opportunity to speak with you. Connect with us today.