What To Do About The Wasps Taking Over Your Elizabeth City Home

Wasp Nest

Few things will send grown people running as reliably as a sight of a bunch of angry wasps heading their way. Most of us had a close encounter with these obnoxiously dressed little guys at some point in our lives, and that encounter is rarely pleasant.

While filling an important part of the ecosystem, wasps are an unfriendly neighbor to have around. Not all types of wasps and hornets are aggressive, and most are not able to sting (only female wasps sting). Still, an encounter with an angry wasp swarm can result in very dire consequences, ranging from an excruciatingly painful bite to a serious allergic reaction.

Let's take a look at signs of wasp infestation to watch for, the problems that you're likely to be exposed to living on a wasp-infested property, a few simple prevention tips, and where to find reliable pest control in Elizabeth City in case prevention fails to do the trick.

How To Tell If It's A Wasp Nest

Wasps are one of the most populous types of insects in the world, with over 100,000 known species in existence, making home everywhere outside of polar regions. 
They're part of the genus Hymenoptera and are closely related to bees and ants, sporting the same part body structure consisting of a thorax, head, and abdomen. All wasps have mandibles, six legs, and two pairs of wings. 

Most wasps are social insects, but about a quarter of the species are solitary, building nests with a single female watching over a brood of young. Different types of wasps have nests that are usually very different from each other, and an easy way to identify the infestation you're facing is to know the nest design, such as:

  • Bold-faced hornets have grey, round nests that can be found on the ground or in the trees and can have hundreds of worker wasps in each nest.
  • Eastern cicada killer wasp is a solitary wasp that builds nests in the ground and will only have one female in each nest.
  • Paper wasps have fragile, open comb nests usually found in locations well protected from the elements, such as a tree thicket or under the roof line. As the name suggests, paper wasps use cellulose to construct their nests.
  • Mud daubers wasps use mud to build their nests, and since they are usually open-comb construction, the wasps have to position them in well-protected locations.
  • Yellow jackets are the most common wasp in our area, as well as the most aggressive. Their nests can be just about anywhere from the eves of the house to holes in the ground. Yellow jacket nests are built from cellulose and are usually grey in color.

Regardless of the wasp species whose nest you've discovered, disturbing or attempting to remove it is likely to result in being stung, and the job is best left to wasp pest control professionals.

The Many Problems A Wasp Infestation Can Create In Your Yard

While dealing with a bunch of buzzing wasps can be annoying, and the damage that cicada killer wasp nests leave in your lawn can be irritating, the biggest threat lies in the wasp's aggressive nature.

Wasps are often very territorial, and sometimes, a simple human presence within the proximity of the nest will result in a vicious attack. Unlike honeybees, who die a gruesome death after stinging, wasps can keep on stinging multiple times, injecting venom with each sting. What makes things even worse, as a wasp stings you, she marks you with a pheromone that other wasps in the vicinity see as a red flag and join the attack.

Add to that the high likelihood of an allergic reaction in people allergic to wasp venom, and it's easy to see why sharing your property with wasps is not a good idea.

Five Eco-Friendly Wasp And Hornet Prevention Tips For Your Yard

Wasp prevention is the best and cheapest form of wasp control for your Elizabeth City home, and making your property unappealing to wasps is not a complicated process. Try to:

  • Keep window and door screens in good shape.
  • Don't leave food uncovered when outdoors.
  • Store garbage in tightly sealed containers.
  • Don't wear scented products when outside.
  • Don't have too many flowering plants around your home.

Wasps in Elizabeth City don't usually travel too far from their nest in search of food, most ranging no further than a few hundred yards. If you're starting to see an abundance of these angry little critters, there is a very good chance one or multiple nests are nearby, and it might be a good time to get an experienced wasp and pest control service on the phone.

The Trick To Getting Rid Of A Wasp Problem Around Your Home

In most instances, the best wasp pest control approach is to pass the job over to a professional. At Albermarle Termite & Pest Control, our Service Professionals are trained and experienced in wasp removal, and we'll be happy to make your property wasp free again.

If you're struggling with a wasp infestation on your Elizabeth City property, give us a call today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Elizabeth City.