What Elizabeth City Homeowners Can Do About Chirping Crickets


Imagine you’re settling in for the night, right on the cusp of falling asleep, when suddenly a sharp chirping noise echoes through your home. Not only is this experience annoying for many people, but it can also result in a lack of sleep and increased irritation.

Today we’ll discuss what causes crickets to invade residential properties and what you can do to remove these frustrating insects from your home. At Albemarle Termite & Pest Control, we work hard to eliminate all kinds of pest threats, including crickets. Reach out to us today to find out more about our Elizabeth City pest control services

Why Many Homeowners In Elizabeth City Have Cricket Problems

One of the main reasons why crickets invade homes simply has to do with their small size. These pests are tiny enough to fit through gaps and crevices in your exterior walls or around doors and windows. They may also be attracted to your home if you have an outdoor garden or thick vegetation growing around your property.

Unfortunately, crickets in Elizabeth City seem to appear out of nowhere, which means professional services are crucial. The Service Professionals here at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control have what it takes to get rid of crickets and prevent new ones from invading in the future. Take time today to give us a call and schedule an inspection. 

Why Chirping Crickets Won't Go Away On Their Own

When crickets find their way into your residential property, it can be tempting to try and wait for them to go away on their own. Unfortunately, most crickets will never find their way back outdoors after entering your home. These tiny insects will instead continue chirping all night every night until they eventually die somewhere on your property, which can result in more pests being attracted to your home.

If cricket chirps are driving you crazy, the best way to eliminate them is with professional cricket control services from an experienced pest control provider like Albemarle Termite & Pest Control. We offer several solutions to help homeowners keep their Elizabeth City properties worry-free throughout the entire year. Don’t lose more sleep with annoying crickets in your home. Instead, partner with our professional team for cricket control services that address the root of your cricket problems. 

Five Strategies To Reduce Crickets Around Your Yard

Cricket prevention starts with removing factors that could attract these small pests to your Elizabeth City property in the first place. Factors that may attract crickets include:

  1. Bright outdoor lighting, especially at night. Consider replacing your light bulbs with yellow ones or turning them off when it becomes dark.
  2. Moisture. Many pests, including crickets, are attracted to homes with moisture issues. 
  3. Thick vegetation around your home. Crickets love to hide in the shade of plants.
  4. Cracks and crevices in your foundation. Even the smallest gaps may provide enough room for crickets. 
  5. Repair tears in your window and door screens. Or install screens on your windows and doors if they don’t have any.

Even with all the prevention strategies listed above, crickets may still invade your home. Remove crickets from your property with a little help from Albemarle Termite & Pest Control.

When Is It Time To Call For Professional Cricket Control?

As soon as you notice crickets or other common pests living in and around your Elizabeth City home, you should always contact a licensed home pest control provider for help. Albemarle Termite & Pest Control has been protecting homes and families from a wide variety of pest problems for three generations, which means you can trust us to get the job done right the first time.

Whether you’re looking for help with your cricket infestation or another pest problem, the Service Professionals from Albemarle Termite & Pest Control have you covered. Give us a call today to learn more about our effective treatment plans and prevention techniques.