The Ultimate Guide To Pantry Pest Prevention And Control For Virginia Homeowners

Pantry Pests

Pantry pest control in Virginia is an important part of regular home maintenance. Protecting your cabinets helps to prevent food loss and makes it much easier to keep your kitchen clean and sanitary.

Welcome to the ultimate guide to pantry pest control and prevention for homeowners throughout Virginia. Our cabinets offer these pests so many tasty treats, and even just a few pests can quickly lead to a big problem. We want to help you identify the problem, understand the problem, and know what your next steps should be. Rest assured that, with the right help and smart prevention strategies, you can bring pantry pest issues to an end. Let's get started. 

Common Types Of Pantry Pests

To start with, what are some of the most common pantry pests in the area? There are quite a few different types you need to look out for. For example, cigarette beetles, drugstore beetles, and confused flour beetles are all common types of pantry pests here in Virginia. While they do have minor differences, they appear quite similar, and they all have a similar effect on your kitchen and food stores. 

All of these pantry pests are very small, just a fraction of an inch in length, and they're all brown or dark brown. If you see pests that match this appearance in your cabinets or your food, it's time to take action. 

Pantry Pests Are More Problematic Than Dangerous

Let's be clear—pantry pests should not be allowed to roam free in your kitchen. But it's important to note that kitchen pantry pests aren't actually dangerous to have in your home. Unlike certain other pests, pantry pests do not attack humans and are not known to spread diseases. They also don't cause property damage, at least not to your house. 

Pantry pests make dry goods like rice, flour, and other grains unusable. If you keep large amounts of these foods or ingredients in your house, then a pantry pest infestation can lead to substantial amounts of wasted food and money. Again, while you need to remove them from home, you don't need to panic or worry about the pests spreading to other parts of your house.

An Effective Way To Get Rid Of Pantry Pests

How do you get rid of pantry pests for good? Disposing of infested foods is a good start, but the most complete solution is to contact a local pest control service and ask for their assistance. Qualified pest control companies have seen these kinds of problems many times before, and we know exactly how to resolve the infestation quickly and efficiently.

Pest control providers can also make customized recommendations for avoiding future pantry pest issues. Overall, professional pest control is a wonderful resource for homeowners. Before we close out, let's review some prevention measures you can put to work immediately.

How To Prevent Pantry Pests From Coming Back

Once you've gotten rid of these pests, you'll probably wonder, 'What can I use to prevent pantry pests in the future?' We've got you covered. Below, you'll find some helpful prevention tips to stop pantry pests from entering your home:

  • Use airtight containers to store foods, especially foods with long shelf lives. 
  • Dispose of expired foods right away. 
  • Clean your cabinets regularly. 
  • When possible, buy in smaller amounts rather than buying in bulk. 
  • When bringing home dry goods, check for signs of pantry pests.

For effective pantry pest control services, contact Albemarle Termite & Pest Control today. We can help you and your kitchen return to normal.