How To Combat Cockroaches In Elizabeth City


For an insect species to survive for over 350 million years, including a series of significant extinctions, it's safe to conclude that they're tough to wipe out. Unfortunately, cockroaches are notoriously difficult to destroy. 

What a relief that Albemarle Termite & Pest Control provides the most reliable cockroach control in Elizabeth City to get them out of your work or living spaces for a safer, more comfortable environment. Continue reading to learn how our pest management professionals can help you.

Where Did These Cockroaches Come From?

There are a number of ways that cockroaches have wound up hiding out in your home or office. Gaps, small openings, and cracks around your utility lines, doors, walls, and windows offer them the easiest access right into your indoor spaces. They can also get in by traveling through pipes and sewer systems, popping up in kitchens and bathrooms. 

In multi-unit structures, like apartments, cockroaches can easily move between dwellings through shared pipe work or ventilation systems. Also, remember roaches are masterful hitchhikers who can easily crawl inside cardboard boxes, bags, luggage, or secondhand items.

Additionally, poor sanitation practices can attract cockroaches and sustain their populations. That's why it's essential to clean up food particles and residue quickly, remove trash often, and address water leakage problems. Doing so reduces the risk of drawing all types of cockroaches to your location. 

Learn more about how to keep these insects away by getting in touch with qualified pest experts in your area.

Why Are Cockroaches Dangerous?

As small as they are, cockroaches can create a massive amount of problems for people who live or work in close proximity to them. When the World Health Organization (WHO) deems these insects as “unhygienic scavengers,” it's important to take note and listen to any guidelines about how to protect your property from a cockroach infestation

In case you're not aware of why roaches are considered such a significant hazard to public health, we've provided these reasons:

  • Disease transmission: Cockroaches can carry and spread numerous pathogens that can cause illnesses, such as listeriosis, campylobacteriosis, and gastroenteritis.
  • Food contamination: Cockroaches can contaminate surfaces and food items with their saliva, feces, and body parts.
  • Rapid reproduction: Cockroaches have a lightning-fast reproduction rate, making it challenging to control their populations.
  • Property damage: Cockroaches can feed on a variety of items, like fabric and paper, which can damage personal possessions.
  • Resiliency: Cockroaches can adapt to harsh environmental conditions and have built up a resistance to certain pest control treatments.

It's necessary to take prompt action with effective measures to get rid of cockroaches immediately to avoid these risks. Give our team at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control a call for further assistance.

Why DIY Cockroach Control Usually Fails

When you first notice signs of a cockroach infestation, all you care about is eliminating it right away. You conduct an online search to find out what the popular home remedies are, you purchase name-brand products, and you're always armed with a rolled-up magazine or shoe to take care of any straggler that happens to scurry past. However, you quickly realize that these efforts don't seem to bring about the results you expect, especially when roaches continue to scramble out of hidden areas.

The unfortunate reality is do-it-yourself (DIY) tactics only offer temporary relief, rarely addressing the brewing infestation you can't see. While over-the-counter products may be a less expensive option, they fall short of delivering the potency to wipe out these highly resilient insects that have adapted to survive them.

Additionally, people who lack the education and expertise of proper pest control methods may incorrectly apply products, exposing their household or workers to unsafe substances. Simply trying to resolve the matter yourself doesn't take into consideration the comprehensive understanding of pest habits and behaviors that guide the elimination process. 

Save yourself the time, money, and effort experimenting with DIY and rely on your local pest management professionals instead. 

The Call To Make For Total Cockroach Control For Your Home

Your greatest asset in the fight to take back your home from cockroaches is none other than your telephone. When you use it to call pest professionals for assistance, you’re putting yourself in a remarkable position to receive the ultimate cockroach removal services. 

With over 100 years of combined experience, our pest management professionals at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control have a good handle on how to improve the lives of our Elizabeth City residents. Don't let the lure of easy DIY techniques trick you into believing they can take on the complexities of a cockroach infestation. Let those with experience do the heavy lifting while you relax, knowing peaceful, worry-free living is just around the corner.

Let's begin your hassle-free service today.