Five Helpful Tips To Keep Ants Out Of Your Elizabeth City Home


Ants are everywhere in Elizabeth City; they may even be in your home. Unfortunately, all ants can cause serious issues for homeowners. Learn about the most common local ants and find out how you can keep them out.

The Ants of Elizabeth City

Not all ants are the same. In fact, several species of ants commonly invade Elizabeth City homes. While some of the locals are just a nuisance, others are dangerous.

For instance, fire ants are highly dangerous. They have stingers that can inject you with a painful venom. If you step on one or end up near a nest, the ants will attack. They sting multiple times and it's never just one ant, the rest of the colony will swarm to assist. While some people just have minor reactions to fire ant stings, others have allergies and could go into anaphylactic shock from these repeated stings.

Another common invader is the carpenter ant. If this ant gets into your home, it could cause thousands of dollars in damage. They chew through wood to build tunnels and nests. Unfortunately, this often damages the structural integrity of your home.

You could also come across acrobat ants. While they won't hurt you or your property, they are annoying.

One thing all ants have in common is that they can contaminate your food and are a nuisance. If you find any ants in your home, you should act quickly to remove them.

Keeping Ants Out

You can prevent yourself from scrambling to exterminate ants by doing your best to deter them in the first place. This includes all of the following:

  1. Learn What Attracts Ants: The best DIY method of ant prevention is to remove all the factors that attract them. Before you can do that, you need to understand what ants like. Ants seek out everything they need to survive - food, water, and shelter. By making those three things unavailable on your property, you can keep ants away.
  2. Store Your Food Properly: If you keep your dry goods in boxes or unsealed containers, they'll soon become ant food. Store everything in your pantry and cabinets in tightly sealed containers. Keep in mind that ants are small and can fit through tiny openings. Although you might think your cereal is well-sealed, a tiny crack could be a big opening for ants to enter.
  3. Address Moisture: Another way to prevent ants is to address moisture issues. Check your home for leaking plumbing fixtures and pipes. Repair them, if necessary. You should also consider the moisture level in your bathroom and basement. Using a vent in your bathroom can lower the humidity in the room. To remedy the moisture issue in your basement, install a dehumidifier. If you want to keep your property safe from ants, you need to keep moisture around your home to a minimum. Make sure your gutter doesn't leave water pooling up near your home and pick up clutter and debris. Doing so will prevent water from accumulating.
  4. Seal Up Entry Points: Do you have cracks and small holes in your home? If so, they're entry points for ants. The same is true of holes in your screens and gaps under your doors and windows. By sealing up those entrances, you can keep ants out. Use caulk, sealant, door sweeps, and other methods to make your home less accessible to ants. Unfortunately, there's no way to make your home impenetrable to the pests. They are so small that they can almost always get in. Remember that, although you might not see a potential ant entrance, the ants could find one.
  5. Hire Professional Help: Because ants are so difficult to deter, the best way to keep them out is with professional home pest control assistance. Contact Albemarle Termite & Pest Control for the best ant deterrent.