The Trick To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Elizabeth City Home

cellar spider in web

Halloween is coming up, and the spiders are just in time. October is a popular month for spider infestations, and even if you aren’t afraid of these pests, one thing is certain: you don’t want them popping up around your Elizabeth City property. Most spiders are completely harmless, but all of them are obnoxious to deal with – and an indicator of other pest problems. Let’s talk about the spiders that are common in Elizabeth City, NC, and what property owners should do if spiders become an issue.

Spiders in Elizabeth City, NC

Most spiders in North Carolina are completely harmless. Although all spiders have fangs and venom, these pests are only vampires for insects. Spiders rarely bite humans, and their bites are usually not dangerous to us.

That said, it’s important to know the spiders you’re dealing with around your Elizabeth City property. A couple of spiders do have an irritating venom, and it’s best to know which arachnids you can sweep away, and which you should be more careful with.

  • Cellar spiders: also known as “daddy long legs,” these arachnids look much larger than they are. Cellar spiders have small bodies and long, spindly legs, giving them an outsized, gangly appearance. Their webs are far less intricate than most spiders – they simply create loose-weaving webs that stack on top of each other. Despite the common myth, these spiders are not poisonous.
  • Black and yellow garden spider: these large arachnids prefer the outdoors, but keep an eye on them nonetheless. This garden spider has bands of gold and black across their bodies, and they weave large webs wherever they can. These spiders are undeniably beautiful, but don’t disturb them – the mothers have an irritating bite.
  • Grass spiders: these brown or gray spiders are happiest outside the home. They build funnel-shaped webs in tall grasses, window wells, or steps, and they have light and dark stripes close to their head. They bite when afraid, but their bites are not harmful to us.
  • Jumping spiders: These adorable arachnids have brown, black, or sometimes greenish bodies, and they often jump from place to place. Some species can fly, but these spiders mean no harm – they’re much happier outdoors and their bites are both rare and harmless. 

Though spiders rarely cause problems, they are not a welcome sight in Elizabeth City homes. Even if you aren’t afraid of spiders, seeing a lot of them in your house should spark concern – it probably means you have a different infestation.

Spider Prevention Tips

If anything, spiders are actually helping your household, because they are eating the other insects that got inside. However, spiders can’t control the pest population on their own; if anything, it’s much easier to prevent an infestation from happening at all.

If you find yourself dealing with spiders, try to find what they are eating. Spiders don’t eat human food at all, only insects, so check for other pests. Common pest hotspots include areas of clutter, the underside of appliances, the backs of closets, and your pantry, bathroom, garage, or attic.

To prevent spiders, simply prevent other infestations. Keep your food and trash secured, remove standing water, and control indoor moisture. Always check the boxes delivered to your house for pests as well, as online shopping is a common source of pests.

Additionally, seal your house off from insects. Check the caulking of your windows, the sealant around your doorways, and patch any holes in your vents, chimney, roof, and masonry.

Finally, remove the cobwebs around your house, as long as there aren’t any dangerous spiders nearby. These pests won’t stick around if they can’t keep their webs up.

Spiders can give North Carolina homeowners the creeps, and even if they don’t creep you out, they could invite other, more venomous arachnids in. Additionally, a spider problem means you have another pest problem.

Stop the problems before they get worse. Reach out to Elizabeth City’s home pest control experts at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control, and we’ll make sure the only spiders you see this Halloween are for decoration.