Are Black Widow Spiders A Big Problem In Virginia?


Unfortunately, black widow spiders are rather common, and they are one of the many reasons people seek professional pest control in Virginia. It’s so important to seek professional help with these pests, because dealing with them on your own can lead to you, your family, or a pet being bitten, and black widow bites can be quite serious. Read on to learn more about these spiders, and how Albemarle Termite & Pest Control can help you safely remove them from your home once and for all.

Where Do Black Widow Spiders Live?

Like all types of spiders in Virginia, black widows typically find their way indoors because your home has everything they need to thrive. This includes steady access to food, water, and a safe place for them to spin their webs and reproduce. In Virginia homes, black widows tend to live in:

  • Shoes: Shoes that are rarely worn and left to collect dust are the perfect place for black widows to set up shop.
  • Around cardboard boxes: The clutter in our garages, attics, and basements (specifically with cardboard boxes) makes an ideal place for black widows to spin their webs.
  • Sheds: Your sheds and barns are also great places for these pests to settle down in, and the corners and eaves are especially favorite spots of theirs. 
  • Dark corners: If there are corners of your home that are dark (or simply don’t get as much light as other spots) then be on the lookout for black widows hanging out there.
  • Cluttered areas: Any space that has a lot of clutter will be an ideal space for common house spiders, not just black widows. You’re likely to come across lots of spiders in an area like this.

The professionals at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control can help you pinpoint the exact conducive conditions that are allowing for black widows to thrive in your home. We will also implement proven spider prevention strategies to keep them out of your space for good. Give us a call for help today.

How Common Are Black Widow Spiders In Virginia 

Black widow spiders are more common than people realize. In fact, they span all over the United States, and the state of Virginia is no exception. Black widows are known to live in any area that is urban, as well as forests, deserts, and grasslands.

When your home has the aforementioned conditions, you are more likely to find them in your home. However, you don’t have to deal with them alone. If you are seeing signs of black widows in your home, don’t try to remove them on your own; seek the help of the spider control pros immediately.

Symptoms Of A Black Widow Spider Bite

If you are bitten by a black widow spider, there will be some defining characteristics of the bite, and it will be obvious that you need to seek medical attention. Below are the most common symptoms of a black widow bite:

  • Redness and swelling: The bite site will suddenly become red, as well as swell, and the entire site and around it will be incredibly painful.
  • Cramping: One key aspect of a black widow bite is the cramping you will suddenly feel in your abdomen. It can be so intense that you might feel as if your appendix has ruptured. 
  • Other symptoms: You might also experience nausea, vomiting, sweating, and tremors.

Some people have even more severe reactions to black widow bites, and we recommend you seek immediate medical attention if you are bitten. 

Spider Control For Virginia Properties

Due to the dangers of their bites, the only safe way to remove black widows is to seek professional assistance in eliminating these pests from your home. The team at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control has been safely exterminating black widow spiders from Virginia homes for three generations, and our home pest control Service Professionals receive continued training in best practices to do so. Don’t let these pests take over your home and harm you; give us a call for help today!