How Dangerous Are The Wasps In Elizabeth City?

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There's nothing quite like enjoying a nice, sunny day, relaxing outside on your Elizabeth City property. The summertime can be both invigorating and peaceful, drinking in the sun and feeling the soft breeze through your hair, but it isn't always so delightful. Stinging insects like wasps and hornets really know how to crash a party, and it can get even worse if they decide to bring their whole family along with them. Still, how dangerous could an infestation really be?

Wasps In Elizabeth City

While there are thousands of species of wasps, there are far fewer that prefer integrating into society and neighborhoods. Still, there are quite a few species that will infest Elizabeth City properties:

  • Cicada killers – large solitary wasps with black, red, yellow, and reddish-brown coloring; they have fuzzy thoraxes and they build individual ground nests
  • Mud daubers – medium solitary wasps with varying colors, black with yellow stripes, monochrome black, or metallic blue; they have long, slender abdomens and build small mud tubes for nests
  • Paper wasps – small to medium-sized wasps with black or brown bodies, and stripes that are either yellow or reddish-orange; these are colony wasps that build large aerial nests out of paper-like material
  • Yellow jackets – smaller wasps with a short temper, they have the iconic black and yellow striping and build vast underground colonies
  • Cricket hunters – smaller to medium-sized solitary wasps with black bodies, these wasps build individual ground nests
  • European hornets – the only true hornet in the United States, these are mid-sized stinging insects with fuzzy brown-colored bodies and yellowish-orange stripes; they build large aerial nests out of paper-like material

Stinging insects are very beneficial to the environment. Bees have more of the monopoly on aiding in pollination, but wasps and hornets will also help pollinate from time to time as well. They might not be as adept with their largely hairless bodies, but they do have an affinity for curbing harmful garden pest populations. Even so, having a wasp infestation on your Elizabeth City property is dangerous, whether or not you have an allergy. Wasps aren't known for having a calm demeanor, and these insects can sting multiple times. Allergy or not, getting swarmed by an entire colony will send anyone to the hospital.

How To Make Your Elizabeth City Property Less Attractive To Wasps

Trying to control outdoor pest populations can be difficult at best, but when it comes to dangerous insects like wasps you're always better off safe than sorry. There are plenty of preventative measures you can implement on your Elizabeth City property to make a wasp infestation less likely:

  • Trim back low-hanging tree limbs and overgrown bushes
  • Remove wood and debris piles from your property
  • Plant any gardens and fruiting trees away from the perimeter of your home
  • Avoid adding too many flowering plants to your garden, and consider adding wasp-deterring plants as well; wormwood, pennyroyal, citronella, eucalyptus, geraniums, marigolds, and cucumber and basil for vegetable gardens
  • Try not to over-water your gardens, and ensure that your turf is draining properly
  • Fill in any ground holes and abandoned rodent nests around your property
  • Add tight-fitting lids to your outdoor trash cans
  • Clean any outdoor food prep and eating areas immediately after eating
  • Repair any holes and cracks on the exterior of your home; siding, foundation, roof, and trim, exposed wood, around pipes and wires, worn down insulation around doors and windows

How To Deal With A Dangerous Wasp Infestation On Your Elizabeth City Property

It is absolutely never advisable to handle a wasp infestation on your own. These insects are dangerous to your health, and most store-bought wasp pesticides are contact sprays. You may be able to hit a few, but then you risk angering an entire nest, and a swarm of wasps is never something you want to mess with. If you have a wasp infestation on your Elizabeth City property, you should definitely let the professionals handle it.

At Albemarle Termite and Pest Control, we understand how scary a wasp infestation can be. With over 100 years of experience to our name, you can trust us to handle any of your pest control needs. We ensure that all of our pest control products are safe and highly effective, and we're only satisfied with our work when you're satisfied as well. Don't let wasps scare you inside this summer. Get in contact with us today to start discussing your wasp control options.

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