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moisture damage along a window frame

Here's A Quick Way To Solve Moisture Problems In Your Chesapeake Home


Most people dislike humidity. It turns hot weather sticky and unbreathable and makes the cold stick to your body like wet ice. All around, high humidity is a bad thing, especially when it is present inside your home. If you are worried about high humidity and moisture problems having a negative effect on your Chesapeake home, we have some things you can do.... Read More

condensation on a window in a chesepeake virginia home

How Can Moisture Control Protect My Chesapeake Home?


While we’ve grown much more used to controlling the adverse effects of moisture in modern society, pests absolutely love wet, warm places. Cockroaches, termites, ants and rodents are just a few of the critters that will take advantage of every nook and cranny with water build-up.... Read More