overhead view of a keyboard on a desk in a home in elizabeth city north carolina
a carpenter ant crawling on wood

How To Tell If You Have a Carpenter Ant Infestation On Your Virginia Property


Managing pest populations is difficult for a number of reasons. One is that there are so many species. The many correlating subtypes are more unique than people imagine; variations aren’t just about color and size. You’d be surprised at how different the habitats, diets, and life-spans are. There can be separations across risk factors as well. Some classes are relatively innocent, while others are dangerous.... Read More

up close image of two pavement ants crawling on fruit

How To Get Rid Of Pavement Ants In Elizabeth City, NC — Fast!


When you think of the most common pests, ants are probably one of the first species that comes to mind. With as many ant species as there are in the world, it can feel like they are everywhere. You see them when you go in the backyard, at the park, on the sidewalk, and sometimes even in your home.... Read More