overhead view of a keyboard on a desk in a home in elizabeth city north carolina
a termite crawling in a wood tunnel

How Important Is Proper Termite Control In Elizabeth City, NC


Successfully keeping a home or business in Elizabeth City isn’t always easy. Wood-eating pests, such as termites, are just one of many potential threats. Usually, it’s only when damage is visibly apparent that people realize the bugs are around. They typically will be concealed in the soil or inside of foundations.... Read More

a termite infestation inside of a wooden structure

What Termite Season Means For Elizabeth City Homeowners


Despite what you may think, it’s unwise to only have pest remediation when insects and creatures are visible. Several critters can violate Elizabeth City homes without being seen. Even if they multiply rapidly, they might be out of view for weeks or months. Termites are great at hiding away until they’ve turned a place upside down.... Read More

termite crawling on wood and chewing

A Complete Guide To Subterranean Termites For Virginia Property Owners


Out of all the termites in Virginia, subterranean termites are the most common. If you own a property in Virginia, you should know that your structure could be vulnerable to this type of termite. No structure with wood is fully safe from termites. To save yourself from costly repairs, find out more about subterranean termites.... Read More

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5 Shocking Facts About Termites In Chesapeake


You are no doubt aware that termites can present a threat to your Chesapeake home. But we would be willing to bet that you don't know nearly as much about them as you should. That is why we've put together this list of 5 shocking facts that every property owner in Chesapeake should know about Virginia termites.... Read More

signs of termite damage on a wooden windowsill

What Termite Season Means For Elizabeth City Residents


There's a saying that "big things come in small packages." That is certainly the case with termites. While they are tiny and look like white ants, they create significant problems because they chew through wood. Furthermore, termite infestations are difficult to detect until the problem is out of control. This could mean destruction to your home, business, furniture, and other items.... Read More

a termite infesttaion in an elizabeth city north carolina home

Now You Can Have A Termite-Free Elizabeth City Home!


If termites invade, they can weaken the structure of your home and gouge your bank account with repair costs. In fact, they cost United States property owners a staggering 5 billion dollars each year. In short, termites are not a pest to be taken lightly.... Read More