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Blow-In-Sand Service In Elizabeth City, NC

Absorb standing water in your crawl spaces with our blow-in sand services.

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Eliminate Moisture Problems In Your Crawl Spaces With Blow-In Sand Services in Elizabeth City, NC

When your crawl spaces in Elizabeth City are lower than ground level, the groundwater can rise and infiltrate your home during heavy rain, requiring wood repairs and mold removal. The longer you allow this water to remain, the more likely you’ll experience damage, health effects, or infestations. Fortunately, our blow-in sand services can help.

When Albemarle Termite and Pest Control performs a home and pest inspection, we’ll look at your crawl space to determine if it's below grade and might suggest applying sand to avoid future problems. Traditionally, bringing sand into crawl spaces can be complicated an extremely messy. Opting for the blow-in sand service is practically mess-free and allows the sand to be installed evenly and with precision.

Standing water can be troublesome for your Elizabeth City home or business. Call us today to learn about our blow-in sand services.

Our Blow-In Sand Service Process

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We partner with local blow-in sand experts to apply this helpful material in your home. The sand will remove or help you avoid standing water after heavy rain. Some of the benefits you can experience with this service include the following:

  • Little or no mess: The sand will be sent directly to your crawl spaces using special blow-in sand equipment.
  • Less time: We'll complete the entire process within a few hours.
  • Save money: Blow-in sand is cheaper than the extended labor of hand-filling in the sand.

When we recommend our blow-in sand service to solve your moisture problems, you’ll notice its impact during the next heavy rain. Your damp crawl spaces will be much drier, allowing you to avoid health concerns and protect your belongings in those areas.

Standing water in your crawl spaces can be a problem for your home or business. Contact us to learn how our blow-in sand service can help.

Blow In Sand Services For Your Home

Starting at $1499*

  • Contracted Services For Blow In Sand
  • No Mess Left Behind
  • Dried Sand Blown In By Machine
  • Raises Grade to combat standing water

*Crawl Space Square Footage and Amount of Sand Needed will determine final price.  Price shown is for a single load.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blow-In Sand Services

The cause of standing water in your crawl spaces can be a leaking pipe, a clogged drain, or an ineffective moisture barrier. It can also be because your crawl space is in a low area, resulting in groundwater inside. When it rains, the water has nowhere to go but up, increasing the water level.

Keep Your Elizabeth City Crawl Spaces Dry With Our Blow-In Sand Service

Water threatens the safety and stability of structures, causing health concerns and damage and attracting pests. These issues commonly occur in crawl spaces if the moisture barrier is ineffective or there’s a leak in your HVAC system. These spaces are even more vulnerable when they’re below ground level, as groundwater can combine with rain to increase the standing water.

Blow-in sand is an easy and effective way to absorb the groundwater in your crawl spaces. Rather than building up in your home and causing problems when it rains, the water level will remain low, keeping your crawl spaces dry and allowing your moisture barrier to be more effective.

Applying sand to your crawl spaces by hand is time-consuming and messy. Fortunately, there’s a better option. Blow-in sand professionals can quickly and efficiently bring sand into your low-lying crawl spaces to absorb groundwater without spilling it throughout your house and can finish within hours. The process allows you to experience the benefits of sand more quickly and avoid potential problems if it rains.

Water in your crawl spaces is problematic, but blow-in sand can help. Call us to discover how you can benefit from our blow-in sand services.

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