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Surrounded by water on all sides, Point Harbor has become a destination for individuals seeking unfettered access to all the water has to offer. Located in Currituck County, Point Harbor not only boasts access to Albemarle Sound and Currituck Sound, but it also offers a selection of local businesses and quaint streets while also being a quick drive to attractions like Kitty Hawk. With conditions that span a mild fall to a warm and muggy summer, there are many pests that find their way inside local homes and businesses due to the humidity and issues with moisture. With more than 100 years of combined experience, the team at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control has long been the trusted local experts for pest control problems, large and small. But we’re not just backed by experience, and we’re also dedicated to ongoing education for all of our technicians in order to always provide customers with the very best service possible. When you partner with us for all of your pest control needs, we promise to always offer competitive pricing and reliable customer support. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

Home Pest Control In Point Harbor, NC

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When it comes to protecting your home from the dangers and damage that pests pose, the team at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control is the team to trust. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our team of expert technicians will always provide you with the safest and most effective solutions for your individual home. Every technician that we hire is thoroughly vetted and background checked for your safety and undergoes routine education in order to bring you the very best service. We provide homeowners with the following residential pest control plans:

  • All Seasons. When you want to get started with routine pest control, this is where to begin. You’ll be covered from 30 pests plus rodents while receiving quarterly treatments and re-treatments as needed.
  • All Seasons + Frequent Invaders + Lawn. With monthly treatments, specific protection from mosquitoes, fire ants, and fleas, as well as six lawn treatments, and coverage for 40 common area pests, this plan has you covered.
  • All Seasons + Frequent Invaders + Lawn + Termites. For the homeowner looking for the ultimate protection, this is the plan for you. You’ll receive everything that comes standard in our mid-level plan while having the added benefit of termite control.

For more information on how you can benefit from our residential pest control services, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Point Harbor, NC

Protecting your business from ongoing pest invasions is our main mission at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our team of highly skilled technicians utilizes safe and effective methods of treatment in order to provide you with the highest level of commercial pest control around. Upon our initial inspection of your property, we’ll listen to every one of your concerns in order to design a customized treatment plan to address every one of them. Every product that we use is eco-friendly, and we’ll treat both the interior and exterior of your property. From there, we create a maintenance plan that is suited to your schedule, and whether that means Saturdays or Tuesdays, we’ll be there. In addition to our general pest control offerings, we provide solutions for rodents, bed bugs, termites, and more. Contact us today for more information on our commercial pest control services.

The Problem With Box Elder Bugs At Your Point Harbor Property

The box elder bug is easy to spot, with its flat body and striking orange and black coloring. This pest is unique to Point Harbor and the surrounding area, making it a nuisance for anyone who encounters them. The box elder bug is mostly a scentless pest; however, when disturbed or squished, they give off an offensive, pungent odor that you’re unlikely to forget. Outside, these pests are sapsuckers that feed off of your trees and plantings. You’ll be able to notice an issue with them if the leaves on your trees turn yellow and curl. The biggest issue, however, that box elder bugs pose for Point Harbor property owners is when they gain access to the inside of your home or business. As the cold weather approaches in late fall, they begin to make themselves at home in the hard-to-reach areas of your property, like inside your walls and basements. When necessary, they emerge and creep into spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, only to pose an unsightly nuisance. 

For the most secure form of box elder bug control, contact the pros at Albemarle Termite & Pest Control today.

Which Termite Control Methods Work Best In Point Harbor?

Termites cost American homeowners more than five billion dollars in damage each year, with the average affected homeowner in Point Harbor spending $3,000 themselves. These problems are able to grow so extensively because they usually occur directly within your walls, foundation, or other wooded areas around your property. This damage is not only hard to find, but it’s also hard to prevent. Given those termites are attracted to various forms of wood depending on their species, something as simple as having rich soil or a slight roof leak is enough to attract termites to your home. That’s why the best method of termite control is with professional assistance from Albemarle Termite & Pest Control. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and tools to keep termites out of your home and rectify a pre-existing problem. We use methods like liquid treatments and the Advance Trelona Baiting System, both of which we monitor and follow up with closely. We also provide property owners with new construction termite treatments as well as Wood-Destroying Insect Reports for new home buyers. 

To learn more about the termite control services we provide, contact us today.

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